Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Daynielle Jay Adino

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hof Gorei.... a lovely place

nice place for a vacation

A friend from abroad asks me to accompany her for a beach getaway.  She then queried for wonderful beaches just across or near Davao City.  I initially suggested a once visited beach in the Island Garden City of Samal.  It was Vhyness and Jasher, a then lovely couple and my friends back in Marbel, South Cotabato, where I was once assigned for work.  Since the plan was all set up, we fix ourselves and prepared things to be carried.  We drop by a nearby convenience store for some food and drink for the outing.  Chips are a must. J

the three of us


with kagandahan

Along our way to the waterfront, we were still conversing on where to finally set our destination.  Until we reached and saw the advertisement in this small motor boat about this resort called HOF GORIE, we with no going back decided to take a visit to this resort.  Upon reading-through on the range of its prices for accommodation and for a chattel, we discovered that it’s to a certain extent expensive compared to the first resort we intended to go.  But we all agree to give it a try since it’s a one time in a year escapade.  Crossing our hands of the idea that we might come out disappointed of the area, and then we boarded in their private Bangka and is set to sail the sea.  After almost 45 minutes of sailing, we saw these little pieces of cloth like flags waving amidst the air, waving and trying to welcome us.  It is the structures and the landscapes, how the area has been properly planned to set as a welcoming environment to their guest is superbly finished.  We all see ourselves smiling and I guess thinking saying “this is it”, we made the right choice.

our personal assistant
reception counter
that building
While un-boarding the vessel, we hear people greeting us and see in their faces the priceless smiles as gestures of welcoming.  And it didn’t end with just smiles and greetings.  Ice cold fresh fruit juices were also conventional as their complementary welcome drinks.  And hhhmmm, tastes just the way we expected.  Upon entering the area, I can’t help but appreciate the beauty of nature developed by human hands without tearing down the tress that adds coolness to the environment.  It is as if landscaped by nature.  The Villas, oh I love the villas.  But to its quietness, I and my fiends decided to take the rooms located in the primary structure near the restaurant. 
stairway to heaven...:-)
the view
the villa 
while eating
the two of us
big rock inside the building
the veranda
After checking in, we quickly wander the area for validation and assessment.  And Hof Gorei has a satisfactory rating from us.  We ate our merienda along the white sand shore.  With spicy garlic chicken wings, pancit and fresh buko fruit, the long wait is worth it.  After relaxing a little, we savor the area.  I freshly remember the three of us going back to our childhood, running, laughing, and simply just be happy.  We took countless pictures to every corner of the resort; we made sure that no area is being missed.  We didn’t even notice the time run so fast and the sun is ready to set.  We enjoyed watching haring araw slowly losing it rays, its reflection to the sea water, Jasher, vhyness and I can’t help but appreciate the bounties beauty of nature God has created.  After a while, dinner was served.  The ambiance is so romantic, I remember saying “I think I shouldn’t be here, three is a crowd” and we started laughing again, but I was serious.  Candle light dinner, with wind breeze that echoes the surroundings, it was amazingly perfect especially with the one you desire the most.  That night, we were forced to sleep early not because of boredom but of peace that the mood bring about.  Peace that adds solemnity and calmness to the mind, silence with nature like sound that serves as music to the soul.  The next thing we know, we’re ssnnnooozing like heaven.
splashing water
the bar chair
fountain of life
the bar counter
We ended up rising late, and I personally believe that I had experience one of my best sleeps which I long to have. We headed for breakfast and enjoyed the captivating sensation of the pool that I guess no one could resist.  And oh, I forget to mention, coffee and tea are unlimited, meaning we can drink to death, which we avail viciously.  The built in bar counter in the pool was great, I love the idea how it was created, it suits perfectly for drinking without rising off the water.  The splashing of water was nonstop, and to tell you, it was just three of us enjoying the water.  We run ourselves to the beach and back to the pool again, just like childhood memories.  Just being happy and worry free, just be ourselves. 

nice thing
The overnight experience is about to end, as we were packing our things.  If we could have planned the outing a little further, we could have stayed even a little longer.  But time hinders us to continue what we were planning, as they also need to go back to their places, to their Families.
the entrance
It was nice to experience these things once in a while, being child again.  We also need to recharge as others may say.  Need to give ourselves a treat for a hard work.  And I said to myself, I should go back to this place….
As I was writing, I realize how friendship defines a person, and how a person defines friendship.  And it’s pretty confusing how I was able to come up with these definitions.J  I can’t help but look back to memories I have archived for these people.  The people that I consider family when I was away from home, the people that never let me feel less as a person regardless of my short comings and apprehensions.  I miss you guys, hope to see very soon J

miss this guys....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

CAMIGUIN my first time around…


Visiting the Camiguin Island is always in my bucket list, and it’s been quite a while before I finally call it as an experience.  The moment I had a chance to schedule a trip, I always consider this place as my priority of destination since a friend lives in a nearby city, Cagayan De Oro.  But scheduling is not that easy, considering the time, the buddies, and the budget.  And it takes us third attempts before we push through the travel.  And to tell you, this first travel to Camiguin will and forever lives in my mind.

It was a day before holy week of 2010, the day we push our long overdue travel a reality.  Alex and Cathy were my buddies from Davao and Cheng from Cagayan De Oro.  We first plan to ride by bus going to Cagayan De Oro that night at around 11:00PM or earlier, before we run out of bus for which it’s the scheduled time for the last trip.  We then set our minds to be at the waiting station by 9:00PM.  Since Alex has his business itinerary in Davao, he picks up bicycles to be retailed in his area. So the second plan was made, we decided to take the schedule of the delivery truck in to consideration.  We have these options; option number one, to take a bus if the bicycles were picked up at an earlier time; option number two, to ride by means of delivery truck if the pick-up time is beyond last trip by bus.  Plan B was our option.  Why? It’s obvious; it didn’t come before the scheduled last trip by bus.  Our ride through the delivery truck was never easy, but we at no time run out of reasons to make our ride memorable and blissful.

that blue Pajero
look at how far we were

We arrive Cagayan De Oro at around 9:00AM Holy Thursday.  We headed to our friends house Alex for a meal and rest awhile before heading to our main destination.  We were surprised to know that we are using a blue (my favorite color) Mitsubishi Pajero on our way to Camiguin, courtesy of Alex’s brother Dindo.

12:300pm, on our road to Balingoan, we planned to freshen ourselves the moment we touch the island.  To our dismayed, we stock on waiting to be onboard the shuttle ferry.  We’ve been waiting for hours, as in hours, from almost 3:00PM we got onboard at around 11:00PM.  But we never let the waiting ruin our trip and it was good that we had foods with us like, chips, breads, nuts and the famous lanzones.  We also made it as a destination of initializing friendship with the rest of people who were also waiting.  Until we touch Camiguin, it was 1:00AM and almost everybody was very tired. We all fix ourselves to rest.

church I have visited
station of the cross
First day, church visit and in the afternoon we climb this mountain to honor the Stations of the Cross.  I was amazed with the churches built in the past centuries.  There you will notice how religious the people of Camiguin island, with it’s not that large area, there are “hhhmmm” I’m not so certain about it, I think it’s around 13 – 15 churches built within the island.  Then the way to cross, we had this bad experience while unloading from the car, the policeman demanded our attention for a no parking/no unloading violation.  But everything was settled by the use our charm.  On the way to the cross, station by station, we were experiencing the sincerity of its purpose and enjoying the views amazingly landscaped by nature.

the beautiful white island
enjoying the island
that beautiful clouds
one way ticket
the mountain along the sea
the big tree
the cross that reminds the cemetery

Second day, resort hopping and come what may schedule.  We had white island visit, cold spring, hot spring, falls, historical landmarks and even this weirdo backpacker’s inn, we all finished these in one day.  The white island visit really stocked my mind, the white sands, the blue waters, the waves and everything that was present in the island was great.  I even remembered having my arm and face tattooed.  I also remember just dropping by a boulevard for a picture because of its view that is amazingly lovely.  We set our cameras, had our best pose and done, we’re good to go again for our next destination.  The church ruin landmarks where we were able to experience our pictorial in a giant tree, this church was ruined by a volcano eruption and now considers as one of their treasured landmarks.  Oh! How will I forget the sunken cemetery where you can find the very popular cross amidst the sea?  It was fun watching people crossing from shore to the cross with excitement and I guess frightened knowing that it was a cemetery before.

the pose
so cold in here
the weirdo

Having these experiences will somehow complete my journey in life, enjoying the bounty of nature, its sceneries, calmness and loveliness.  The food was readily available at a low price, it’s just like ordering from an ordinary restaurant, unlike some resorts with prices as high as three to four times higher than its suggested retail price.  To add the persons who stand as our foster family / host.  Ate joy and her family, the De La Riarte’s, there hospitality and generosity is beyond expectations.  Because of these, well, the beauty of Camiguin Island is not in question, it is a fact.  These made my Camiguin island experience even more unforgettable.
here he comes the vessel
savoring our last pose
bye bye Camiguin
roof deck
hhhmmm yum yum
our foster home 

How to get there:
-          From Davao city you may take 7 – 9 hours ride by bus or 25 minutes fly by plane to Cagayan de Oro city

-          Two hour travel to Balingoan for a ferry ride.  It’s about two hours ride before reaching Camiguin Island.

And quickly before you notice, you will experience one of your most loved vacations.